City Council Approves Plan to Destroy

Baltic Street Garden and P.S. 133

On Tuesday, June 30, the City Council voted 46-4 to approve the School Construction Authority’s plans to destroy historic P.S. 133 and the 30-year-old garden in order to build a massive new school for nearly 1000 students.

The council members who voted against the measure were Letitia James, Charles Barron, Tony Avella, and Rosie Mendez.

The Landmarks and Siting subcommittee voted 6-2 to approve the plan. Voting against were Charles Barron and Rosie Mendez.

The Land Use committee voted 18-3 to approve the plan. Voting against were Tony Avella, Charles Barron and Rosie Mendez.

Those who want to preserve the garden deeply thank Ms. James, Mr. Barron, Mr. Avella and Ms. Mendez for their no votes.

Opponents of the plan: Residents of Baltic and Butler Streets; many residents of Wyckoff Houses; Jo Anne Simon, Evan Theis and Ken Baer, the Democratic challengers for the seat of outgoing Councilman David Yassky; the Baltic Street Community Garden; the Fifth Avenue Committee; Just Food; Park Slope Neighbors; the Park Slope Civic Council; the Historic District Council; the Green Guerrillas; New York City Community Garden Coalition; the Brooklyn Community Garden Coalition; the Flatbush Gardener.

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  2. Great project. I hope the other 4 boroughs get inspired.

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